Jagriti Foundation is a registered Charitable Trust based in New Zealand. CC55188.

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Supporting Kiwis by Gifting Hope... to Rise Up

We believe in personalising the support we offer to individuals, with a holistic approach focused on recovery, rehabilitation and respite care for those overcoming addiction and substance abuse.

Focusing on women and girls, we support individuals to break free from addiction, achieve long-lasting change and reach their true potential.

Recovery, rehabilitation and respite care

Physical and emotional wellbeing


Health and healthcare

Housing and shelter

Community and family support

  • Recovery, rehabilitation and respite support

  • Parenting classes

  • Marriage counselling and support

  • Job training and opportunities

  • Domestic violence support – emergency housing

  • Establishment of a toy library for parent and teaching educational support

  • Education initiatives to support our objects and purposes


Our New Zealand Initiatives of Hope

We believe in the importance of closely and deeply supporting individuals, fuelling their passion and creating long lasting change in the lives we touch. We do this through our Initiatives of Hope. 

Scholarships of Hope

Our Scholarships of Hope enable individuals to realise their dreams through access to or advancement of education. We offer support with tuition fees and accessing educational resources. Education offers hope and long lasting change.


Toy Library

Our Toy Library empowers parents with resources that support them to play with their children and connect while strengthening their relationship.

​Parents are able to borrow the resources for a period
of time.


Jagriti Alphabet Cards

Our Jagriti ABC cards are used with children to support their development. Conveniently packaged in a gift box, the size of a deck of cards, they’re a perfect gift for eager little minds.

Only $10.00 per pack. (Only available in New Zealand)


New Zealand Hope Fund

Our Hope Fund supports people who have hit hard times with love and education.

​Donations to the Hope Fund are used to support individuals or organisations who are most in need and align with our objects and purposes.


Join us and change lives

Donate to our initiatives and Gift Hope... to Rise Up.