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Our heart for New Zealanders

Supporting Kiwis by Gifting Hope... to Rise Up

Jagriti Foundation supports care for women in their individual healing journeys. Individuals have personal and varying needs that require personal support and wraparound services if long-lasting freedom from abuse, addiction and life changes are to be successful. We offer support to individuals in the community and an option for safe, sober living at Jagriti House.


Our Support

Jagriti Foundation support is holistic, wrapping around the needs of individuals. Applications for support are considered with their alignment to the foundation’s objects and purposes. These include:

Individualised care

Physical and emotional wellbeing

Education and

Health and healthcare

Housing and shelter

Community and family support

Examples of support that we have enabled to date include:

  • Parenting classes

  • Counselling and support

  • Education and study support

  • Job training support

  • Emergency housing

  • Education initiatives to support our objects and purposes

Our Hope Initiatives

You can support the work we do through making a donation to our Hope Fund or purchasing a pack of our Jagriti Alphabet Cards.

Hope Fund

Our Hope Fund supports people through offering practical and needed support, education, care, relationship and love.

​Donations to the Hope Fund are used to support individuals who are most in need and align with our objects and purposes.

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Voices of Hope

“Jagriti Foundation has helped me get help to continue to rise up
out of the downward cycle.”

Join us and change lives

Donate to our initiatives and Gift Hope... to Rise Up.

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