Jagriti Foundation is a registered Charitable Trust based in New Zealand. CC55188.

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Jagriti Foundation is committed to supporting opportunities through education and community collaboration to empower children, women and men to lead lives of hope with realised potential.

Our journey began in 2006

Jagriti is an old Sanskrit word that means to rise up, to gift hope. With a focus on women, girls and children in need, Jagriti Foundation aims to gift hope by wrapping around people’s needs to support rising up through love, care, and education.

Foundations in India

Jagriti Foundation’s roots began in 2006 as founder Selena Fox travelled to India for work to support early childhood teacher training. She returned to New Zealand but India stayed in her heart.

In the years that followed, Selena worked closely alongside Delhi locals to establish a home for 22 girls of unimaginable need, having experienced deeply traumatic early childhoods. Today these girls are safe, educated and loved.

In 2015, the foundation’s work extended to support a remote rural village in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh. An academy was opened in November to educate 250 children, and within two years, the roll had expanded to more than 500. The children at Jagriti Academy previously did not attend school but instead supplemented the family income by working as labourers.

The academy serves as an education centre for the entire community, supporting adults through education to develop their own microenterprise initiatives. An example of this is Jagriti Sewing Academy, which trains women with sewing skills so they can establish their own self-sustainable income for their families.

Jagriti Foundation’s reach continues to grow. In 2019, the foundation’s support extended to New Zealand. After listening to the needs of individuals and communities, support initiatives were established in alignment with the foundation’s objects and purposes. These include education, healthcare, physical and emotional wellbeing, housing and shelter, community and family support, and a particular focus on recovery, rehabilitation, and respite care.

Expanding into New Zealand

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