Sunshine Books
  • Jagriti Foundation launches Recovery and Rehabilitation initiatives to offer support for brave New Zealanders who desire to make recovery change in their lives.
  • Jagriti Foundation partners with Sunshine Books to produce beginning readers in English and Hindi to support children learning to read.


  • On 27 November Jagriti Foundation is registered as a charitable organisation in New Zealand.
    Library opening

  • Jagriti Academy Ballia Library opens with the first delivery of books.
  • 1,000 Jagriti Academy beanies donated to keep children in Ballia warm during winter months.
  • Stage 2 of the Jagriti Academy Ballia build kicks off aiming to accommodate 500 children.
  • On 6 March the first community toilet facilities in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh are opened by Selena Fox. Five female and four male toilets are constructed to support the health and wellbeing of the community.
  • A women’s sewing training centre opens at Jagriti Academy Ballia.
  • 85 Jagriti Academy Ballia learners are gifted a bike to get to and from school.
Bikes for Ballia

Bike for Ballia
Toilet facilities
Jagriti Sewing Academy


Jagriti Academy children learning outside
  • New Zealand Tertiary College India supports teacher training in Ballia for Jagriti Academy teachers.
  • Locals in Ballia form working teams to take ownership of the community hub, including education, construction projects, school administration and operation jobs.


  • On 22 November Jagriti Academy Ballia opens in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, with 250 children attending.
  • The first washroom facilities in Ballia are built on the school site.
  • Work begins with building a bridge to unite the people of Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Jagrit Academy building