Sunshine Books
  • Launched Jagriti Foundation's Recovery and Rehabilitation initiatives to offer support for brave New Zealanders who desire to make recovery change in their lives.
  • Jagriti Foundation partners with Sunshine Books to produce beginning readers in English and Hindi to support children learning to read.


  • 27 November, Jagriti Foundation is registered as a charitable organisation in New Zealand.
    Library opening

  • Jagriti Academy Ballia Library opens with the first delivery of books.
  • 1,000 Jagriti Academy beanies donated to keep children in Ballia warm during winter months.
  • Stage 2 of the Jagriti Academy Ballia build kicks off aiming to accommodate 500 children.
  • On 6 March the first community toilet facilities in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh are opened by Selena Fox. Five female and four male toilets are constructed to support the healthcare of the village.
  • A women’s sewing training centre opens at Jagriti Academy Ballia.
  • 85 Jagriti Academy Ballia learners are gifted a bike to get to and from school.
Bikes for Ballia

Bike for Ballia
Toilet facilities
Jagriti Sewing Academy


Jagriti Academy children learning outside
  • New Zealand Tertiary College India supports teacher training in Ballia for Jagriti Academy teachers.
  • Locals in Ballia form working teams to take ownership of the community hub, including education, construction projects, school administration and operation jobs.


  • Jagriti Academy Ballia opens on 22 November in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, with 250 children attending.
  • The first washroom facilities in Ballia are built on the school site.
  • Work begins building with a bridge uniting the people of Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Jagrit Academy building