Our work in India

Our work in India

Our Mission

We are committed to supporting opportunities through education and community collaboration to empower children,
women and men to lead lives of hope with realised potential.

Our unique approach

In order to support education we listen, learn and develop relationships of love and trust with communities we work alongside. While our primary goal is to see first generation learners given access to an education, we understand this is only possible if we first understand community aspirations and challenges. To do this, we go in as learners… allowing the community to lead the way in how we can support.

Self-sustainable development

Community support works best if it is sustainable, so we work alongside communities to employ self-sustainable forms of development. For instance, Jagriti Academy is run by locals, the development of microenterprise with women into business, and the gifting of bikes so children can take responsibility for their education.

Education builds communities

Our community collaborations have had major flow-on effects, including the education of the wider community and the establishment of training and jobs for local people, such as school support staff, teachers, cooks, librarians and construction workers.

Community issues such as burglaries have reduced, since many of the children attending Jagriti Academy receive a meal a day and don’t sleep hungry, so families don’t need to steal food to support them.