Toilet facilities at Jagriti Academy Ballia support education

The first Jagriti Academy Ballia officially opened in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, India earlier this month, representing a beacon of opportunity for hundreds of first generation learners.

Great excitement surrounded the academy’s opening, with one aspect of particular significance being the school’s toilet facilities.

The toilet facilities are the first of their kind in the community and were built on the Jagriti Academy Ballia site to support the hygiene and wellbeing of the children while they are at school.

The facilities will ensure children studying at the academy are able to concentrate and enjoy their studies in a comfortable and clean environment.


The school’s toilet facilities will also support girls’ attendance, as many girls do not attend school if they are menstruating due to the lack of facilities to support them while they are there.

The influence of washroom facilities on the students’ health and confidence will ultimately result in an increase in their ability to focus on learning, playing and building positive relationships while at school.


Jagriti Academy Ballia is changing the lives of not only local children but the entire community, as Jagriti Foundation Founder Selena Fox said, “It has become the central hub of learning, support, community and opportunity for children, parents and village community members alike.”

The excitement surrounding the facilities throughout the community has led Jagriti Foundation to focus on a new community initiative, a toilet facility that will support the entire village.