Thriving partnership brings Sunshine Books to Jagriti Academy Ballia

Jagriti Foundation and Sunshine Books have partnered in support of education to supply Jagriti Academy Ballia’s students with an excellent range of classic Kiwi readers in both Hindi and English.

So far 200 books have been supplied to support students’ reading skills, and this number is set to grow as Jagriti Foundation and Sunshine Books are determined to put a book in the hands of every one of the 500 children currently attending Jagriti Academy Ballia.


“I am in awe of the opportunity we have to share quality New Zealand books with beginning readers in India, and am honoured that Jagriti Foundation have been endorsed by Sunshine Books as an India-wide partner,” said Selena Fox, Jagriti Foundation Founder.

Sunshine Books has translated 35 New Zealand titles into Hindi, which now sit proudly on the library book shelves alongside their English versions, supporting the childrens’ love for reading and enabling them to further develop their bilingual language skills.

As the partnership continues to grow and develop, new opportunities emerge to support students as they embrace and develop their love for reading in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Jagriti Foundation looks forward to further expanding the academy’s library collection in the future, as the books have not only developed the students’ reading, writing and language skills, but also their ability to engage in critical and creative thinking.

This partnership will continue to support the Learn to Read initiative to empower children and lead them to a brighter future through the gift of reading.

To support children to Learn to Read please visit our Learn to Read initiative page.