School van enables young children attending Jagriti Academy Ballia to travel safely

Jagriti Foundation has purchased a van which will enable Jagriti Academy Ballia’s youngest students to travel to and from school safely.

During her last visit to Ballia to open the community toilet facility, Jagriti Foundation Founder Selena Fox met with the women of the community to discuss what they needed to support their growth and that of their families.



One of the concerns they raised was regarding the ability of young children to attend Jagriti Academy Ballia, as this required them to travel a long distance between their homes and the school.

“Some of the children are as young as three years old and walking for up to sixteen kilometres a day to attend school. The distances were affecting the children’s ability to reach school safely, as well as their performance at school as the distance was particularly exhaustive and they were often running on little food,” Jagriti Foundation Founder Selena Fox said.

The women of the community asked if there was a mode of transport that could be organised to support the younger children who were travelling each day from 21 surrounding villages.

“Jagriti Foundation listened to the women’s concerns and discussed them amongst the community, arriving at the conclusion that a school van would be the best way to support the younger children’s attendance through safer and easier transport,” Fox said.

The initiative was officially launched last month, with the van supporting not only children’s education but also the region’s economy as its day to day running relies on employment and community support.

The school van initiative has now led the foundation to consider the best way for older children to travel to Jagriti Academy Ballia, with a Bike to School initiative in the planning stages.

“We are thrilled to witness the positivity and enthusiasm of the Ballia community as they continue to embrace new developments,” Fox said.