New initiative will take a child from the field to the classroom

Jagriti Academy Ballia has gifted education to hundreds of first generation learners in the Ballia region, who since attending the academy have demonstrated limitless potential as they aspire to learn and grow in their new role as students.

However, Jagriti Foundation’s work is not complete as many children in the community still eagerly await the opportunity to attend school. It is through sponsorship that the dream to attend school can be transformed into a reality.



“New Zealand to rural India – a gap wider than I could have ever imagined. We are blessed by birth in our corner of the world. This is not the case the world over. We are also blessed to be in a position where we can use our privilege to support one child, one family… we can make a difference,” said Jagriti Foundation Founder Selena Fox.

Child to School aims to support more than 150 children waiting to attend Jagriti Academy Ballia through the provision of resources and support, including a school uniform, shoes, health checks and a daily meal for just $45 (NZD) a month.

Sponsorship to attend Jagriti Academy Ballia will provide a child with the hope and confidence that is needed to realise their dreams, with the Child to School initiative promising to provide ongoing support alongside access to a lifetime of opportunities through education.

To find out more about supporting a Child to School view our Child to School initiative page