Jagriti Academy expands to support more children and women

The scope of Jagriti Foundation support continues to grow as the academy’s student capacity has grown and new self-sustaining initiatives have been developed.

Jagriti Foundation worked alongside the community in the construction of Jagriti Academy Ballia, listening carefully to community feedback to ensure the school could meet everyone’s needs. The community’s trust was earnt in the following years and the school quickly reached its capacity of 250 learners.


“Jagriti Foundation are honoured to have developed a relationship of love and trust with the people of Ballia, and we are committed to working alongside the community to bring hope through education and community collaboration,” Jagriti Foundation Founder Selena Fox said.

As soon as funding was available, plans were put in place to support the extension of the Jagriti Academy Ballia building so more children could attend. The addition of extra classrooms and increased teacher numbers enabled the foundation to grow student numbers beyond 500 first-generation learners in 2017.


Before attending Jagriti Academy Ballia, many of its students worked during the day as labourers to support family income. These children now have the opportunity to attend school and gain an education.

It is not only the children who have been gifted with new opportunities, as Jagriti Foundation is focused on supporting entire communities with a variety of initiatives to empower locals to gain skills and become self-sustaining.

One such initiative is the Jagriti Sewing Academy set to open in November 2017. During one of Jagriti Foundation Founder Selena Fox’s earlier trips to India, she met with the women of Ballia to hear what support they needed and they shared their desire to learn how to mend school uniforms.


Working alongside a tutor in weekly lessons, the women will begin with the basics of sewing such as threading a needle and will go on to learn the entire process of producing or mending school uniforms, a skill that can be used to support both the school and their family income.

Jagriti Foundation will continue to work in collaboration with the Ballia community to develop self-sustaining initiatives that are relevant and of need to the community.

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