Gift of bikes enables children to get to school

Jagriti Foundation recently launched Bike to School, an initiative to enable the children of Ballia to travel to and from school every day in a safe and comfortable way.

The children of Jagriti Academy Ballia come from 21 different villages, meaning some live far from the school and are required to walk 16km on dirt roads. The physical exhaustion resulting from a journey this long made it difficult for the children to apply themselves both mentally and physically once they arrived at school.



The Bike to School initiative grew from conversations with the women of Ballia, who expressed concerns regarding the difficulties children faced travelling to class.

“The women shared how hard it was for children to attend school despite it being a place they valued, cherished and truly wanted to be,” Jagriti Foundation Founder Selena Fox said.

The gift of a bike provides a child with the ability to travel longer distances, and by riding to and from school every day they are able to take full responsibility for their own education.



“They no longer face a daily obstacle in the form of long dirt roads, as they can simply jump on their bike and arrive at school still brimming with energy and enthusiasm for the day ahead,” Fox said.

“The bikes are treasured... cleaned each day... and cared for in ways that remind us how precious and enabling the gift of transport to school is to the community.”

For just $85 (NZD) a month, the Bike to School initiative provides sponsors with the opportunity to grow a child’s world from where they can walk – to where they can ride. From the edge of the village… to school.

To gift a child a Bike to School, please visit our Bike to School initiative page.