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Parenting classes gift confidence to struggling new mum

31-year-old mother Amber* describes Jagriti Foundation as “a guiding light” that has given her family support during the most challenging time of her life.

“For so long I was on my own. I wanted to be strong for my family, but now I’ve realised that asking for help is the greatest sign of strength,” Amber said.

Holistic support provided by Jagriti Foundation has enabled Amber’s family to grow stronger than ever. Parenting and relationship classes, self-identified as needed by Amber, have been a huge help to herself and her husband as they navigate the new world of parenting..

“Living in a different country to my family, I felt like there was no one to reach out to when I was feeling overwhelmed as a full-time working mum and wife. I now feel like I have a true support system, and I have become much more confident because of it.”

“If there are mums out there who are struggling and need some help, reach out to the foundation. They support where they can without judgement, offering hope and finding sustainable ways forward for people.”

*Names and some details have been changed to protect the individual’s privacy.

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