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Parent learning supported with educational programs and toy library

Jagriti Foundation supports a diverse community of New Zealanders from all walks of life. Among the recipients are mothers and fathers who are taking new steps into parenting and need some help with the everyday challenges of parenthood.

The foundation has recently supported a number of parents to engage in parenting programs and access an educational toy library to assist the implementation of their learnings into their daily lives.

“Becoming a parent, and the realisation of the all-consuming responsibility, can be hugely overwhelming for new parents. When those new parents do not have extended families of support around them, we have an opportunity to build community, strength and practiced support,” said Jagriti Foundation Founder Selena Fox.

“Navigating life and cultural differences can offer layers of challenges that seem insurmountable for some parents.”

Seeing a need, Jagriti Foundation decided to support individuals through this life-changing time with classes sharing the importance of the early years for parent and child engagement.

“What we then came to realise was… without age appropriate resources at home, parents could only take their new knowledge so far. So we decided to create a library full of education rich toys to share in supportive ways with new parents,” Fox said.

The toy library provides families with access to toys such as blocks and puzzles, which support special family playtime and in turn child development.

“It’s been really successful. We have had the most heart-warming feedback from parents about how empowered they feel and how confident their children are becoming. It’s been a privilege to journey with these families,’ Fox said.

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