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Individual counselling provides new hope and understanding

Previously skeptical of counselling, it all changed for Sophie* when she found the right counsellor.

Before beginning weekly counselling sessions, Sophie* was skeptical and unsure of the benefits it could provide.

“In the past I had occasionally attended one-off counselling sessions, but I found I wasn’t too keen on them.”

It was not until Jagriti Foundation encouraged Sophie to try again, that she had a change of heart.

“They helped me find an ideal counsellor by really considering my needs and my personality to find someone suitable. They provided financial support, helped me book my appointments, and made sure I was able to physically attend week after week.

“I’ve already learnt so much about myself through the counselling sessions, which I really wasn’t expecting, and it’s helped me face and get through some very tough times. I have been able to confront past issues I had long covered up and not previously dealt with. It’s a really individual and personal level of support.”

Sophie says that Jagriti Foundation could not have chosen a more perfect counsellor for her.

“She is the best in the world. I used to think counselling sessions were a waste of time, but she has been so good, tough when needing to be and really changed my mentality.”

“She’s had many years of experience with a ‘you can’t pull the wool over my eyes mentality.’ I would not have been able to do it without her.”

Sophie is extremely encouraging of anyone who may be considering attending counselling sessions themselves.

“Do it. Even if you don’t believe it will help, it does. The important thing is to find a counsellor that is the right fit for you. Each week I go, I love my sessions. I look forward to them and it doesn’t feel like a chore. I’ll definitely continue to attend each week as I see myself becoming more of me each and every day.”

*Names have been changed to protect the individual’s privacy.

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