Sew for Life

Our Jagriti Sewing Academy women awaiting sponsorship

For $300 (NZD) you can support a Jagriti Sewing Academy graduating student with a sewing starter pack. The pack includes a sewing machine to enable the woman to turn her new skills into a self-sustainable income.

Sew For Life

With a $300 (NZD) starter pack, including a sewing machine and the materials needed to make garments for her family and local community, graduates from the Jagriti Sewing Academy will also have the tools they need to launch a microenterprise.

After studying sewing for four hours a day, six days a week, for six months through the Jagriti Sewing Academy, graduates have honed their skills enough to be able to plan, cut, pin and sew skirts, hems, button holes, shirts and more.