Hope Fund

hope fund

Collaborating with communities in India to offer support. The Hope Fund works like a community savings plan allowing resources to be allocated to the areas most in need. This can include big projects such as water filtration systems, community facilities and key infrastructure as well as personal contributions to families including bedding and blankets, rice and mosquito nets.


Jagriti Foundation projects are already making a difference and inspiring hope in the communities we serve.


Our Hope Fund allows you to support Jagriti Foundation in a way that suits you.

This could be anything from $10 to $5000 towards a water pump and filtration system, giving 600 people access to fresh water, or a one off donation. Supporting the Hope Fund will allow us to work alongside communities to support general initiatives vital for community self-sufficiency, such as clean water, bathroom facilities, solar lights and key infrastructure.

We have fixed roofs, paid for eye surgeries, supported families to ensure that life’s inevitable hardships don’t stand in the way of a child’s access to education.